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Check out some of my work below!

I started choreographing early in my teens. I would be inspired by a song I heard or dance class I took and create. I don't think I realized what I was doing was choreography until several years later.

   I started choreographing musicals and teaching dance. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed choreography and that I was pretty good at it too!

  In college, I had many opportunities choreograph a variety of pieces and found who I was as a choreographer. My go to style can best be described as contemporary with a strong ballet basis and an emphasis on story telling. I love to blend styles. While I am very good at choreographing for musical theatre and do enjoy it, my passion is for choreographing contemporary and jazz concert dance. I'm always looking for new ways to stretch myself as a choreographer so feel free to check out my pieces and reach out if you want to collaborate!

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